We are a Polish manufacture of SIP Panels.

So we are cheaper.

First of all – quality. We do not serve poor quality products which are available in that part of Europe. Our SIP Panels are made with CNC technology, we use only verified two elements of gluing. All materials we use are bought from verified contractors with proper certifications. If you are looking for unverified, homemade Ukrain SIP panels with no warranty (or fake warranty) – you have to keep looking, that's the wrong address.

Cheap & Poland

Secondly, Poland is cheap comparing labor prices and some materials prices to countries like Spain, UK, Norway, and similar. So pricing probably would fit your expectations. Yes, we are cheaper than your local supplier.

Easy shipping

Shipping experience and English-speaking workers. We cover shipping to almost all EU countries – whatever it is transportation organized by us – or transport sent by you. No worries.

High Volume

Last but not least – volume production. Because of automated production, it is easy for us to deliver thousands of SIP Panels if needed int the proper time (let's call it short time)

Our products 

Find out about the properties of SIP-Poland panels

OSB board on the outside, alternatively MFP or MgO board (magnesium)

Gluing: two-component polyurethane adhesive (2C PUR)

Interior EPS Graphite lambda 0.031 or mineral wool


2C PUR is definitely stronger and safer. Bonding is due to a chemical reaction (in one-component polyurethane adhesive, bonding occurs due to moisture).


We use EPS GRAPHITE, which is made from the original / virgin raw material, with no reclaimed or recycled goods.

EPS is more stable and has a better bonding surface than other solutions on the market.


The CNC control that we use at SIP-POLAND guarantees the repeatability of the glue mixture. Both in terms of its quantity and mixing.

We already shipped more than 5000 SIP panels in EU. And amount of new clients is rising.

Photos of ready to ship products. Our products.

Typical questions and answers.

What about quality? Is it right in Poland?

We can only assure you about our quality standards. There are many producers of SIP in Poland and a lot of importers (mostly from Ukraine). We heard many stories about them. But we focus on international sales and keep very high standards. CNC control, specialized glue, verified wood providers. Most of our new clients order at the first limited amount to verify quality. Or visits us. We are open to both scenarios.

Ship to where? What are the options?

Mostly to all EU countries. The price of transport is calculated per milage. Some clients use their transport. We can calculate for you our options of shipping, that's not a problem at all.

Better prices? How?

Well, in Poland labor price is much cheaper than in most western EU countries. Of course when wood prices go up in the whole world, the same happens here. The market is global. But overall, for many clients, we are cheaper by 60% to 80% comparing local prices.

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